Brilliant Project

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Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Gritcake1986 » 4. April 2015, 23:44

I would also like to pass on my thanks to the team. I just finished up Broken Sword 2.5 and holy cow was it awesome! It's incredible to think this game is fan made and is pulled off to such a similar and professional degree as the other original games. For the past few weeks I have been playing through BS 1, 2, 3 and 4 and was just about to purchase 5 when I discovered 2.5! Now it's time to get No 5 under my belt!

Again, an absolutely fantastic game and you should all be very proud to deliver this to the BS community! [smilie=thumbup.gif]

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Tooms » 24. June 2014, 18:34

Incredible feedback, Silverghost! Thanks a lot for that. :)

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Silverghost » 9. June 2014, 18:37

I am thrilled to know the team has not only made this happen ..and made this happen for free-of-charge, but also up-keep a site specifically for 2.5 managed professionally for all BS fans!

You guys are wicked.. I honestly enjoyed playing this very, very much years ago when it'd began floating on the net and I recall playing it more than once [smilie=thumbup.gif]

Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort ..the team's passion is amazing.

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Tooms » 29. January 2013, 19:05

Thanks for the nice Feedback, Greg. We really appreciate that.

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Greg » 29. January 2013, 18:03

Thankyou very, very much to everyone who made this great game. It's beautiful, very satisfying and you must be very proud. The English voice pack is excellent. I confess that I checked the walkthrough guide on 3 occasions (next time I read about constipation in the newspaper I will pay more attention :D). I will certainly tell my friends who played BS1 about this game you have made. I'm going to download BS2 for Android tablet and can't wait til number 5 is released this year!

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by ScottishAdam » 30. August 2012, 21:24

The guys done a great job making this game. I am playing it now and loving it

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Tooms » 4. August 2011, 18:30

That's so kind. Thank you fraki!

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by fraki » 4. August 2011, 09:47

I would like to congratulate the team for a great project, really a great tribute to Revolution a great job, well done!

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by Tooms » 6. June 2010, 13:07

Ha ha, indeed an interesting idea. Unfortunately, the team doesn't have plans working on other games besides Broken Sword 2.5.

Re: Brilliant Project

Post by mut2nt » 3. May 2010, 17:48

Interesting request, i think it will be awesome !

Brilliant Project

Post by Silverhead » 3. May 2010, 17:14

I just want to take this opportunity to say what a great job you have done making Broken Sword 2.5

Have you got any more plans on making a sequel?

Considering how visually stunning 2.5 is, would it be asking too much for you to borrow the voice recordings from broken sword 3 and make a "2d" version? :D