Enjoy the blend...what?

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Post by Domino » 26. May 2005, 07:22

Well, we thought about that but won't do it cuz:
1. shaders increase the render-time;
2. it's quite difficult to make the shaded animation look good (and there aren't many good outline tracers, too).

Post by Jedic » 25. May 2005, 21:41

hmmm i know, but i only suggest to use render similar to bs2 style. everything would be in 3d but it would fake the hand-maded animations. im not talking about making all cutscens in real :]

Post by munch » 18. May 2005, 03:58

Great Job... I'm definately looking forward to seeing BF 2.5 develop into a fully functioning game. Your efforts will pay off... keep up the great work!

Post by Discostu » 14. May 2005, 13:59

Jedic: You have to animate every single frame for that, I think for a fan project like this it would take about 20 years :wink:

Post by Domino » 13. May 2005, 13:05

Jedic, we'd be surely glad to, but we've decided to make 3D cutscenes quite a long time ago because of a lot of things. :)

Post by Jedic » 13. May 2005, 10:14

maybe you can apply in cutscenes render similar to BS2 style cutsences?
something like animated, hand-maded movies? :D

Post by Discostu » 10. May 2005, 11:21

It's for the cutscenes only.

it does look like the 3rd

Post by Nat » 9. May 2005, 22:09

True, but it's for the cutscenes, isn't it? Hopefully the rest will be in sync with BS1 and 2

Enjoy the blend...what?

Post by ADutchGuy » 9. May 2005, 21:36

Is this blendshape test for real? It sure looks great, but doesn't really fit in the Broken Sword 2.5 environment as shown in the preview..
It looks more like the 3D Broken Sword 3, not the 2D parts 1 and 2 :?: