Can you finish the demo

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Post by Daniel Queteschiner » 16. September 2006, 19:37

Yes the quests are solveable. You'll see the credits when you've reached the end of the demo.

Hint 1
You need to get into the room you've got the key for. The bartender has left but maybe someone else knows what you can do about it.

Hint 2
You have to beat Mike in arm wrestling otherwise he won't tell you how to get into your room. Since Mike is obviously stronger than George you have to cheat.

Hint 3
Get the laxative from the pharmacy and use it with Mike.

Hint 4
Prepare the table with the water and the soap-pieces

Can you finish the demo

Post by foxy » 16. September 2006, 19:24

are the demo quests solveable, or can you not finish it, Im stuck ive just cut the soap up into cubes the bartenders left, now what?