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Broken Sword 2.5: General or specific questions.


Postby Bandit » 27. December 2004, 07:09

I've been looking at the progress page every month and its been like 60% since the start of the year 2004 :? and we were hoping it would come out end of 2004 well that date has come and what happened to our Baphomets Fluch 2.5? :( sorry guys I just cant wait until this game comes out and I'm really anxious to just try out a puzzle or 2 in the game, I love those kind of games and well they havent been making any, so its up to you guys to let people have a go at this game, sorry if I'm pushing you guys, you guys a magnifcient I'll never make something like what you did (and i wish i could, im trying to learn!) Thank you for reading.
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