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A request from Revfans concerning Dusmania

PostPosted: 21. June 2006, 07:58
by Skizzo
Hi. I'm Skizzo, the BS2.5 reporter for Revfans and I had a request for people who will be attending Dusmania.

First of all, let me say that I perfectly understand German, I only have trouble writing (and typing) it, so feel free to answer in German if that is easier for you.

Secondly, if what I'm about to ask does not have the approval from the mindFactory team, please let me know and close (or delete) this topic: I'm not planning on doing anything without your approval.

The request is this: in a few weeks mindFactory will be attending Dusmania and there they will reveal more about Broken Sword 2.5. This will be material that won't make it to their website.
Although I'd love to go to Dusmania to meet the team and to attend their presentation and of course to play their demo, I can't, so [b]is there anybody going who is prepared to report on the event and maybe even take some pictures, or material?[b]
(Again, if this doesn't have the approval of the mindFactory team, please inform me.)

If you're prepared to do this, please contact me on the following e-mail address: