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My thoughts

Postby Kevrpgfan » 13. September 2006, 22:13

Ok hello! I don't speak german but I've tried out your demo and was impressed by the graphics [smilie=coolp.gif]

Though I'm here to offer constructive criticism... ok firstly when the characters talk they IMHO look like they are chewing on something or trying to do a impression of POB [smilie=blink2.gif]

Ok now for the serious side... [smilie=blink.gif]

Right clicking on certain items down the bottom annoyed the hell out of me, cause I expected a description of some kind, only the newspaper offered anything other than random...

The icons as previously mentioned are all messed up, the magnifying glass is for looking at something in a sherlock holmes kinda way... the pick me up icon obviously means u can pick the damn thing up.... and the cog is something u can fiddle with... the cog on the barstools confuses the hell out of me... Also I need to mention the laxatives puzzle... the way it's dropped into the glass is very cheap... and obviously the bloke would come back and punch his lights out... I see there is no way to get to the bathroom in the demo... which I presume is why the soap is on the bar??? Some nice music and FX... though I was surprised I could hear what the bloke was doing in the toilet [smilie=blink2.gif]

However for what it is, it's bloody good... so well done to ya! Can't w8 to see the final version!
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