Someone who loves Broken Sword 2.5

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Someone who loves Broken Sword 2.5

Postby BenHeu » 21. June 2007, 15:35

Hi guys,

I was a huge broken sword fan at the time they released the two first episodes.
Since they reoriented the main concepts of the game (which by the way made it successful) I completely lost interest in this great story.

I've been watching you guys over 4 to 5 years already, and I can tell you one thing.
I'm still as excited as the first day I've heard about your project!
Since this day I just can't stop checking your site out.

I've never been acting within the community behind Broken Sword 2.5.
But today I decided to give a voice to the crowd which doesn't appear on the forum or chat.

We are there, even though we don't say much to you,
we love your idea and hope you will give to the Broken Sword series a second breathe.

So far so good. Keep up guys !
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