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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 Review after completing

Postby ElPolloDiablo » 21. October 2008, 05:22

First of all, I of course have to say that the game was awesome. I'd been following the progress for a looooong time and I was pumped when the project finally came out! You guys did a great job recreating the atmosphere with the beautiful backgrounds and cool characters...and you worked in the panties into the game! Almost everything in the game was executed to make it feel like a true sequel to the series, and I'm beyond grateful that you guys were able to do all this for free.

My one major complaint about the series was that some of the puzzles were just kinda...unnecessary. The part where you had to specially look up the symptoms of constipation, or the part where you needed a dog barking to get peoples' attention seemed a bit forced just for the sake of adding in puzzles.

Anyway, sweet job and thanks again! Cheers!
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 Review after completing

Postby matteus-85 » 21. October 2008, 18:35

I suggest marching into revelution, slammin the game on their desk
tell em to try it, take it on, do it up and release it (demanding 50% profit)
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