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English Language Version

Postby chas » 1. October 2008, 10:25

Some questions -

1. I had to search for your main website as it had moved. The Articles there - post/show comments give the following result - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage ??
I'm guessing you still have some tidying up to do ?

2. When the English language pack is made will it combine with the current BS 2.5 or will you release a new version of the game with English language included ?

3. Since the game will run directly from the hard drive can the game run directly from a dvd ? Or can the dvd be used only as a storage medium from which to install the game ? If that is the case would it fit on a 700 Mb CD ?

Thank you
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Re: English Language Version

Postby Gally » 1. October 2008, 11:23

I have burned the install-files on a 700MB-CD.
It works greatly.
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