Documentation of the Process!?

Allgemeine oder spezielle Fragen zum Projekt.
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Documentation of the Process!?

Postby Killosity » 9. November 2008, 04:41

Hi guys Killosity here.

Im just wondering if you guys did anything to record your daily work on the project, or to like write reports on how you made certain things within the game. Your project, to many, was hugely inspirational, and those looking to get into game design would really be interested to know what programs you worked with, what to use, and how to get it. I think it would be beneficial to hear such stuff.

So just curious? Did you guys keep any stuff like that to share? I just think your game is great and therefore the secrets to your success should be posted. :D
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Re: Documentation of the Process!?

Postby Tooms » 9. November 2008, 20:06

We had some Making Ofs on our German website, before the new website went online. Maybe we'll put them online again.
Sebastian Nisi
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