Thank you !

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Thank you !

Postby Ladymoon » 8. December 2008, 22:12

I got aware of Broken Sword 2.5 via a games magazine...So went online to check it out,downloaded it and started playing...and it's feel so good to have the "old" Broken Sword back again, it brought more then a smile upon my face...Never been to keen on the latest ones (cos of the usage of 3d) so this is such a treat :-)
Thanks a billion for all of the effort you put into making this (and it's made with love) and for sharing it with us (even for free!!) The game runs flawless onto
my system so far and it's gonna keep me busy for quite a while in the cold December evenings [smilie=icon_cheesygrin.gif] [smilie=thumbup.gif] Normally I'm
more keen on English voiceacting but the German voiceacting is very good so I don't mind at all and besides there are English subtitles available (also might learn
some German now for once haha) Thanks once again and keep up the good work! [smilie=wohow.gif]
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Re: Thank you !

Postby LasstMichArzt » 7. March 2009, 04:24

und von mir auch vielen herzlichen dank für die mühe und liebe die ihr reingesteckt habt!!

hoffe ihr habt auch etwas davon,..

der arzt
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Re: Thank you !

Postby cafeeine » 4. May 2009, 20:21

I discovered this project through the wikipedia writeup, and I am absolutely thrilled!
BS1 was my first great love in the PC gaming world (2nd after arcade Pacman as a kid) and I still have the original box art on my shelf.

I downloaded the game, but I now I will wait for the english voice pack to come out.

Congrats on all your efforts here, and thanks!
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Re: Thank you !

Postby Dr.P » 9. May 2009, 13:47

Hallo Leute!

Auch von mir ein großes DANKESCHÖN für die großartige Arbeit! Macht weiter so! Finde es auch klasse, das ihr es kostenlos zur Verfügung stellt. Für einen Titel wie Baphomets Fluch würde ich aber auch bezahlen ;)

Falls ihr mal ein neues Projekt plant, sagt bescheid vllt. kann ich euch in meiner Freizeit irgendwie, natürlich kostenlos, unterstützen (Texte übersetzen, evtl. auch programmieren...oder so) :D

Liebe Grüße aus Österreich
Dr. P :D
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