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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby lastninja » 8. May 2010, 10:47

lol the LESS people post here the more time they have to work on it.

I had to play through in the end - great game a little short but still so happy to have a final part of Broken Sword to play through. I'd love to see a fan-made Broken Sword 5 in 2d ... or 2.5d ... or Broken Sword prequel (just Nico maybe?)

Will get a version with english when it happens but until then, it was fine playing through with subtitles - I normally skip through most dialog in these types of games anyway, speed reading the subtitles..

Well done, awesome game, great locations, really was great to play. Just wished it was a little longer :)

Now on to Broken Mirror 2, the new Sam & Max and Syberia 1 & 2 (which I never played before)

All those waiting - I implore you, give them some slack, they do all this work for free - just play the subtitled version :)
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby Domino » 10. May 2010, 11:13

Hello everybody, who is still reading this forum. I am so terribly sorry about the delay of the English voices. I am in charge of the English speech pack, so I think it is my fault that it's delayed. Even though the voices have been recorded for quite a while now, they need to be cut into hundreds of samples, according to the script and the scripting of the game. This cutting part is taking pretty long. Our sound guy couldn't help us with the cutting, so we (some other members) split the recordings into several parts and tried cutting them ourselves. It always seems that you will finish some real-life work soon and find the needed time for a personal project. But when you do finish the work, something else comes up.. What is more, after releasing the German version, this personal project no longer has the highest priority for most of the members, so it's even harder to find the needed time.. This (pretty usual) miscalculation lead to the promise to release the translation sometime in February, it also had lead us to all the promises to release the whole game earlier (you might remember that there were several release dates over the years and only the last one was ALMOST correct). Unfortunately, this miscalculation also leads to being late.. It's not because we want to tease our fans or make them angry, it's because we always want the best for you, but the best is not always possible. And, unfortunately, our work and our spare time is too unpredictable.
So, all in all, I don't want to make any more promises about the dates, but I can still promise that the English voices WILL BE DONE. I can also say that most of the parts are already cut now and that we are still working on them. This doesn't necessarily mean a very soon finish, but it means that we truly care and think about you.
I really hope you can forgive us. And I also want to thank you all for being with us all this time! :)

P.S. We will announce the release date when we know it. And this time I promise you the real release date :)
Sarunas Ledas
Sarunas Ledas
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby freddybob » 10. May 2010, 11:22

Thanks for the update. :)
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby 616e6f6e » 10. May 2010, 16:39

Thank you for the update, as long as I know you guys haven't given up on the project I'm happy to wait :D

Thank you for your hard work!
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby chas » 11. May 2010, 08:57

Good to hear from you with this update. Some people seem to forget that you have lives of your own. I would not rush the English audio because of mounting pressure - do it at your own pace. Which by doing so, you'll make a good job.
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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby Mataeus » 18. June 2010, 18:35

Really looking forward to this guys. So excited to play with the English voices. My Brother & I have played to completion the first three games but haven't finished the fourth one yet. Broken Sword has played a huge part in our lives and we often reminisce about McDevitt's and Mr Shiny!

We started playing your excellent game but have decided to wait for the English voices. The clips you put out last year sounded pretty good. Can't wait. Please don't let it be long.... We've been waiting years, haha!

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Re: Broken Sword 2.5 English Speech pack

Postby frogbrains » 19. June 2010, 03:05

*taps watch*
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