Well Done!

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Well Done!

Postby Advena » 26. August 2009, 12:43

Wow, amazing, stupendous, stunning, marvellous, wonderful, fabulous, Great, unbelievable, awesome, incredible, astounding, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvellous, spectacular ......Ok I’m running out of words now. Have you got the message yet?!

This is a brilliant (Ooo I thought of another one XD) game!

I have just finished playing Broken Sword 2.5 and I just wanted to let you know my thoughts:
• Right from the very first scene I knew it was going to be great with George on the plane
• A good mix of new and old characters. My favourite of with (excluding George of course) is Dr Blackter.
• Inspector Moue!!
• Stayed true to the original
• George Stobbart/Nicole Collard. Thanks for bringing them back together!
• Attention to detail like the birds flying, the leaves blowing, the black cat and the squirrel
• The humour was just right.

Even though I don’t understand German It was still great. I look forward to playing it again when The English version arrives.

Well Done!
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Re: Well Done!

Postby Tooms » 1. September 2009, 18:34

Wow, thank you for your kind words. I'm really touched, we haven't got such feedback since months, because the hype is over. Thanks again!
Sebastian Nisi
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Re: Well Done!

Postby Audiomaster » 1. September 2009, 22:30

Thanks very much, Advena!!! [smilie=thumbup.gif]
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