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Czech subtitles

Postby ace960 » 28. August 2009, 08:39

Hello, I know you do not recommend to install 3rd party subtitles add-ons. However, I found Czech subtitles for your great game on this website: ... hry_bw.idn
I do not speak German and using German voice with English subtitles is not the best combination for me.
The website mentioned above is recognized site for subtitles. I believe the subtitles let many Czech and Slovak users to play the game.
Anyway, the Czech subtitles do not work with patched game. I prompted the author (anolbofis at seznam dot cz) to consider to release a new version or even better to cooperate with you to integrate the subtitles into official game.

Re: Czech subtitles

Postby Tooms » 1. September 2009, 18:16

Thanks for informing us, I haven't realized that anyone worked on a czech translation. I have to thank you for contacting the author of the unofficial patch, too, Hopefully, he gets in contact with us. Please remind that we don't accept translations from single persons. we only accpet double checked translations by groups of 3 members at least.
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Re: Czech subtitles

Postby ace960 » 1. September 2009, 19:29

Hello again. I received a reply from the subs author and he would be willing to work on new release (for patched game) depending on the interest from players.
I know about your policy of receiving the translation from single person (I read the Bulgarian translation post).
However, this one is maybe the exception of the rule you mentioned:-) A good game and good subtitles deserve to be together.
I consider the Czech translation to be on good level of quality - from the playability point of view only as I do not speak German at all.
I will definitely play the game again when you release the English voice pack to double-check them but the current Czech subtitles may not match re-phrased English voice pack.
Anyway, you know about the translation and the guy knows definitely about you so it is up to both of you if you cooperate. The game deserve it and you would get more players.
Thank you again for the game.

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