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Broken Sword 2.5 impressions

PostPosted: 2. November 2010, 22:26
by persocom

You guys have put alot of effort into this! Some of the grammar and text could use some work, and the actor playing george needs to play through the games (pronunciation of lobineaux, areas of paris etc). I can't believe a native english speaker wouldnt correct some errors in our language... and continue flatly mumbling the lines of a character he should be honoured to play.

The other voices I've come across are FANTASTIC! Nico and the flower seller were just magical.

If you guys are going to need another patch, and want Georges dialogue anglicised and improved, then I'm your man! :)

Can't wait to play on and see what other familiar parts of Paris I'm yet to discover!

Re: Broken Sword 2.5 impressions

PostPosted: 3. November 2010, 23:24
by Jingo
My first impression is that is great, there are great details on the game, the dialogue is very looked alike with the other games, i noticed that concerne, the only downside if we can call it its really george´s voice, not because its bad, but because theres no emotion on him, the rest is really a catching game that brings us back to broken sword world, a big thank you to all!

Re: Broken Sword 2.5 impressions

PostPosted: 8. November 2010, 05:07
by LinusVanPelt
I agree, the voice acting for George isn't great. The rest of the characters I've encountered thus far are really well done though. I am especially impressed with Nico.

I'm really thankful this voice pack has seen the light of day, and even more thankful we have been given this game for free. There's not enough thanks on this forum.