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Broken Sword 2.5: General or specific questions.


Postby immolo » 5. November 2010, 23:06

Hi Guys,

After waiting for nearly 3 years for this game to be released and translated in English I can honestly say it's been worth the wait as this game is great and completely like the original two Broken Swords games.

Thank you for all your hard work!
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Re: Thanks

Postby RomanAllOver » 7. November 2010, 06:55

Hi all fans,

I agree with Immolo and I think that the team should be congratulated on the outcome. [smilie=angle.gif]
The English voice pack is great and it should stop all the wingers [smilie=angry.gif] and complainers [smilie=wallbash.gif] from making bad and rude comments. [smilie=ziped.gif]
But as sure as life goes on mark my words some people will still have something to complain about regarding this voice pack. [smilie=smartass1.gif]

I think that every one that plays this game should just get on with it an be thankful that it is finished. [smilie=thumbup.gif] If you don't like the outcome then keep your rude comments to your selves. [smilie=ziped.gif]

Also [smilie=thanks.gif] to Sebastian Nisi alias TOOMS
and [smilie=thanks.gif] Sarunas Ledas for all there input.

Regards Roman [smilie=cool.gif]
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