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Tools for animation and drawing

PostPosted: 1. October 2012, 21:37
by silf
Hi guys!

You created the great game, thank you for that.

I going to implement adventure game for my diploma work. So, could you please suggest a tools which you used for animation/drawing and etc? Looks like that you used Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Am I right? Did you use vector format for animation and raster pictures for background?


Re: Tools for animation and drawing

PostPosted: 28. January 2013, 09:52
by daJoe
Hi Alexander,

as I did some of the animations, I can tell you how I did them, but in the end, you should use what you are used to.
I used a drawing tool for doing the sketches with a tablet. something with a lyer option is very useful, and I suppose necessary. I used Art Rage 3.
Then I redid the pictures in Macrmedia Flash MX, which is quite old, bute does the trick. Because it has the otion to play the scenes and you can do simple animations directly in flash. Export all the scenes as pngs.

But you could actually choose very different programs.