can't save

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can't save

Postby subrussian » 29. October 2013, 08:53

guys, i have the problem with saving the game - I'm clicking on a slot and nothing happens. Patch didn't help too. Maybe I have to create a special folder for saving? Win8

Re: can't save

Postby Tooms » 29. October 2013, 11:20

Our game was created for Windows XP. We got knowledge that it works on some Windows 7 machines, too. Maybe it doesn't work on W8 machines at all. We don't officially support this OS. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Sebastian Nisi
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Re: can't save

Postby annawhite » 19. July 2022, 08:18

I know this is an old thread but, I just looking for possible ways to fix the problem. Dallas Texas Bathroom contractor
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Re: can't save

Postby duffytraciezs » 21. July 2022, 13:34

Do you have an update of this game that would be compatible with Windows 10? cheap window cleaning
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