BS 2.5: IT sub with EN voices

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BS 2.5: IT sub with EN voices

Postby xiradorn » 5. February 2014, 18:52

This pack allow you to translate BS 2.5 into italian sub with the help of english language. The installation is so simple: replace the original lang_it.b25c with the follow.
I hope is usefull. If ther are bugs or problem,pley notify below this post.

IT: Questo packetto vi permetterà la traduzione di BS 2.5 in italiano (sottotitoli) con le voci in inglese. L'istallazione è semplice: rimpiazzate l'originale lang_it.b25c con il seguete.
Spero vi sia utile. Se ci son problemi o bug notificatemo dopo questo post.

Download link: lang_it.b25c (google drive)
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Re: BS 2.5: IT sub with EN voices

Postby allanPeter » 21. July 2022, 10:10

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Re: BS 2.5: IT sub with EN voices

Postby davidson02 » 30. July 2022, 01:48

The sub is very useful!

All the best!
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Re: BS 2.5: IT sub with EN voices

Postby gail22 » 13. September 2022, 11:01

Done downloading! The explanation is very detailed and easy to understand. side by side rentals st george
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