A miracle happened

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A miracle happened

Postby arczangel » 6. August 2004, 08:52

Wow...this German (is it german?) is confusing. Anyway, I´d just like to say that the game looks ABSLOUTELY AMAZING. Very nice. Good luck!
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Postby Citlalcolotl » 6. August 2004, 23:15

(was here and thought since I´m on, I´ll just reply *g*)

aw, yeah, it´s German, just try to ignore it ;).
:bounce1 Thank you very much for the praise (if I may say that on behalf of the team)! :D
Isolde Scheurer
Isolde Scheurer
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Postby a-side » 8. August 2004, 15:06

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256 colores of George and 24 bits of Barkeeper and backgroun

Postby Stalker Ghost » 12. January 2005, 17:45

Sorry for my critics but in english preview a background and Barkeeper are more real than George. If you can repaint him....

But I want to say than it's great idea and the preview it sims great. Congrajulations!!! :D

P.S.: Sorry for my English :P
Stalker Ghost

Postby Tooms » 13. January 2005, 12:25

Thanks for your comment! We definately improve Georgers animation.
Sebastian Nisi
Sebastian Nisi
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Postby Orion » 3. February 2005, 11:37

first of all - good job ! :). Broken Sword 2,5 is looking great. This is what i am looking for, when Broken Sword 3 become 3D game :(.
I am wondering about two things:

1. Dubbing will be just in german ?.
2. Broken Sword 2,5 will be release in 2006 or later ?.

sorry for my english, and best regards from Poland :).
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Re: A miracle happened

Postby folop » 29. October 2013, 23:50

wunder geschehen ;)
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Re: A miracle happened

Postby nudrat » 6. December 2014, 11:20

Der Konfigurator ist ganz nett, aber nicht länger unterhaltsam als ne Runde Solitaire. ;)

Und die Wallpapers find ich größtenteils nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht umwerfend. Ich meine, ist auf jeden Fall löblich, wenn sich auch die Fans der Fans kreativ betätigen und schlecht geworden sind die Bilder ja nicht, allerdings ist ja bei den meisten nicht viel eigenes dran zu erkennen. Schwarzer Hintergrund und "ausgeliehenes" Bild aus eurer Galerie... Hab sowas wie ne große Collage erwartet, aber naja, erst mal selber besser machen, wa?! ;)
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