Oops, we did it at last...

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Oops, we did it at last...

Postby Guest » 1. December 2004, 04:26

I played the enginedemo just now, and i loved it. You've done a great job!
Can't wait until the whole game is finished. =)
Great music!!!
Keep up the good work!

Postby Guest » 5. December 2004, 19:03

Yeah! I was totally amazed! Can't wait too :).

Postby Tooms » 5. December 2004, 20:31

Thanks a lot for your comments! We appreciate that a lot and we'll do our best to make a fascinating game.
Sebastian Nisi
Sebastian Nisi
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Postby a-side » 9. December 2004, 13:20

Hi !

Great demo, so what's up with the development ? :P
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English Demo

Postby Guest » 13. December 2004, 23:03

I liked the demo, but I am hoping the game comes out before Christmas. Any news on the devolpment?

Postby Guest » 14. December 2004, 02:15

I'm really astonished to see how close you are with the original game. You got the spirit, don't loose it guys !

Postby Swasa » 28. December 2004, 15:18

like it except david beckham doesnt play for manchester united anymore :oops: but its up to u

Awesome guys

Postby Skiporovers » 21. February 2005, 22:18

Wow, guys i really loved that ! ok, so i cant do much and the whole man united thing is well cheesy, but that really shows how much work you guys have been puttin in and the final version should be great! I cant wait! 1 thing tho, dont u reckon u guys shud have made your own george cos he does look a bit out of place in the background! :D :D :D


Postby maarten » 28. March 2005, 10:56

This lokes owesome!!! I realy can't believe this! I think it will be a great game! Better than BS3!

Postby Tooms » 28. March 2005, 20:15

Thanks for all your comments! We read this forum very carefully and really appreciate them.
Sebastian Nisi
Sebastian Nisi
Posts: 2950
Joined: 29. April 2002, 16:17
Played Broken Sword games: 1-3


Postby shortylfc » 21. April 2005, 22:35

Guys... what can i say, it rocks!! ive been searching the net for another game like Broken Sword or Discworld for ages!! hope u guys get the full game finished soon...

PS, will there be full speech in the final version?

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