Untimely (English) Christmas present

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Untimely (English) Christmas present

Postby kat » 24. November 2006, 22:37

[smilie=book.gif] Very nice :)
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Postby Stobbart » 25. November 2006, 15:21

Nice article. It will be great if you will write about other sides of you project in english. And we're waiting articles about animation and icons from Ledas!
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Postby Brown750 » 28. November 2006, 22:58

Thanks for doing this backstage article in English, was fun reading it [smilie=chef.gif]
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Postby f2bnp » 2. December 2006, 17:17

this article is not enough!We want MORE!!!!!!!!Why can't you just release chapter 1 as a new and final demo of the game?
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Postby chas » 15. December 2006, 15:17

Excellent (as Mr Burns of The Simpsons would say).
With all the bad things in the world, people like yourselves do this for no payment & give many people around the world a lot of pleasure.
I Take my hat off to you (well I would if I had one) - and the rest of the team. [smilie=cool.gif]
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Postby Stobbart » 18. December 2006, 21:30

Any news? Maybe a new screenshots for fans? [smilie=angle.gif]
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