Seemingly unsolvable connection issues

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Seemingly unsolvable connection issues

Postby jackneeson » 4. June 2018, 12:55


I got a new router and modem around the time that update 4.0 came out, so my issues could be related to either of those changes. Ever since update 4.0/getting a new router, I have had consistent connection issues when playing Awesomenauts. As of now, when I am in a game it is regular for me to start freezing every few seconds whenever any other players get within about one screen of me. I also semi-frequently and randomly freeze for a few moments in every game.(I even enabled the massive port forwarding range, however even that did not help with my connection issues). If anyone could help me with these issues I would appreciate it. I have an MSI computer running Windows 7 and I use an Xfinity router and modem.

Please help.

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