A Broken Sword Short Story (By Me)

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A Broken Sword Short Story (By Me)

Postby L.G.S » 29. October 2005, 13:01


I was bored one night and decided to mess around with one, now it's not finished nor does a little bit of it make sense.
(Because I couldn't remember much from Broken Sword II)

I would just like some comments on it:

In the corner of a worn down and empty looking pub, 2 unknown men sit around a table, mysteriously talking...

'Yes, I remember that one'
'And the dragon too, the papers didn't believe it did they?'
'Ahhh, that was the hardest thing I have ever done, never again I say, all the past is going to be put behind me from now on. I can't take all the hassle you see'
'What about her?'
'Yes, well.. That was a while ago, doesn't really matter, I haven't seen her for 2 and a half years anyway. Dissapeared without a trace,
as if she didn't want me to find her.'
'That doesn't sound right to me, I reckon you should check it out.'
'I don't...'

'Excuse me ?' As the men were continuing their conversation, a tall, hooded figure walked over to them and broke their chains of thought.
'I have no intention to interrupt, but I have word you are George? George Stobbart?'
'Why yes I am, who are you?'
'There is no time for that, I'm afraid you must come with me right this moment, precious time is being wasted.'
Without warning, the anxious man shot over to George and clasped two hands onto both his shoulders quite visciously, then
pinned him upto the wall and whispered into his ear.

'I have word of your lady friend, she is hurt, but not fatally.'
Guessing the man must have overheard his conversation, he tried to test the man's knowledge,
'What girl?'
'Don't play with me Sir, I haven't the time nor the patientce for it. You know who I am referring to, and if you truly cared for her
you would come with me at this instant.'
'But where to ? ? ?' George questioned, as the mans grip tightened.
'Spain. We have her there.'
'Spain?! Do you realise where we are? This is Australia, it would take over a day to travel there!'
'Yes, that's why we must move as soon as possible, as I fear things will go to far.'
'Ok Ok, but how can I trust you, how do I know you're not lying?'
'Here, take a look.'
As the mans grip released, he passed George a polaroid photo, which showed an unknown brown haired woman tied, gagged, and badly beaten.
'But I don't know this woman?'
'Oh you do, her scars cover her appearance, now come, we must go!'

As George's mysterious friend stared in confusion, George rushed to pick up his coat, and firmly handshake him farewell.
'Hopefull we shall meet again, but I have to save her.'
As George and the strange man left, his friend stood up, collected his things, and went to stand buy the window.
Noticing they had left in a mangled 4x4 vehicle, he slowley but surely made his way outside the pub, and eyed his surroundings.
As he checked no one else was present, the man opened his hand to reveal a piece of paper which George had given him before he left,
containg only the words 'Call Duane at the CIA, he will know how to find me, tell him it's starting all over.'

As the man read the words over and over, he lifted his mobile phone upto his ear and speed dialed a telephone number.
The buzz of the phone could be heard echoing around the street, then suddenly a man answered, and George's friend spoke.

'Ah Oui, is this Duane?'
'Why yes...who...'
'Monsieur, it is George Stobbart, he is in trouble and asked me to inform you.'
'Oh, I see, very well then. First of all, who am I speaking to?'
' ------ The caller has disconnected ------'

As the man cut off his mobile phone, he placed his hat on his head, raised his chin up high, and said to himself under his breath:
'Andre Lobineau, of course.'
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