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Best Broken Sword

Postby f2bnp » 24. January 2006, 23:33

Choose the best Broken Sword for you.I personaly choosed Broken Sword 2 because it was the first I played and the most funny! :wink:
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Postby Der Geist aus der U-Bahn » 24. January 2006, 23:43

First Part will forever stay as the classic adventure for me. Especially the last action you had to that to the last action in part 2. I still wonder why Revolution chose to leave the player as a viewer during the entire final.
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Postby Brown750 » 25. January 2006, 02:01

Broken Sword 2 I really liked the most it's so funny :lol: but yeah a strange ending :?
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Postby Hoshi » 28. January 2006, 11:56

Strange. BS 1 is on the first place at the moment although the comments prefer BS2.

Just a question: is anybody for BS3??

I chose BS1 too. I just love the story of this game. I's funny and exciting, too. And I liked that it is possible to go to different places in Paris. In BS2, you always have to solve one problem after the other.[/i]
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Postby Gast » 29. January 2006, 09:00

I am for BS3

Postby Guest » 29. January 2006, 23:42

Broken Sword 1

Postby Guest » 22. October 2007, 14:48

Broken Sword 1

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