troublshooting issue

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troublshooting issue

Postby jackneeson » 4. June 2018, 12:54


The game does not start, how can I fix this?I don't even get the Launcher, how can I fix this?When trying to download the game an error occurs that says 'the content file was locked'. What do I do?My virus scanner says Awesomenauts is a virus or trojan, how can I fix this?The game just shows an endless "Waiting for Steam initialization" message, how can I fix this?Alt+tab crashes the game, how can I fix this?Crashes and black squares with Intel videocards.All characters look like black boxes, how can I fix this?I can't connect to Galactron from my Campus/College Network/University Network, how can I fix this?I can't play online at all, how can I fix this?What can I do about network errors and high ping?I lost my connection while in a match and ended up getting a lockout penalty when I got back! Why is this?How can I get better framerate and solve hickups?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- ... =13&t=2735
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