Optimal configuration

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Optimal configuration

Postby clochar » 13. November 2008, 01:57


What is the optimal configuration to play this game ?

It works on one of my computers with Nvidia 7600GT graphic card and Pentim E6420.

and it d'nt work on the other computer with Nvidia 8600 GT graphic card and Pentium Q8200
so, does it work with the last Qcore ( four cores) of Intel ?

It don't work also on my old machine with Celeron 2.4 and old ATI 9200SE graphic card.

And to finish, I try to play it on Windows 98 like the first game but it said "not possible with this OS".

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Re: Optimal configuration

Postby daJoe » 13. November 2008, 21:43

well i can play it on my old machine p3 667, geforce 4 440 mx, 512 mb Ram
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