York Train Bug

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York Train Bug

Postby ChiWaKaDiZ » 9. July 2009, 16:36

Hey dudes, I've got a problem at the train crash scene! I don't know if the problem is me or whatever but when I try to look/use the items I get there, the inventory doesn't appear! So I'm stuck cause I can't use the whistle, it's just as if I haven't got any item, the upper black place where you can Save or Load or Quit appears fine, but the lower one where I'm supossed to have items, it's just black and there's nothing

I hope you can help me because the game's a f*** good one! [smilie=thumbup.gif]
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Re: York Train Bug

Postby Master of Desaster » 18. July 2009, 20:52

Please follow these steps: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=2803
if (ahnung==0) {use goggle; use books; ask for help;} else {use brain;}
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