installation problems (english)

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installation problems (english)

Postby hannah » 16. August 2009, 19:51


I just downloaded the game since i'm a huge fan of the series.
I got a setup.exe file and a bin file , but the setup wont run and i can't seem to extract the bin file with winrar.
I looked in the forum but the only possible explantion i found was in german and i wasn't able to make any sense out of it.
If someone please can help me, i've got no idea what to do..

Thanks in advance
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Re: installation problems (english)

Postby Daniel Queteschiner » 17. August 2009, 08:26

Extract the file you've downloaded and click on bs25-setup.exe. Leave the .bin file alone - you can't do anything with it manually. If this doesn't work your download is probably corrupt.

(For future postings: please, tell us your system specs and the exact error you're getting)
Daniel Queteschiner
Daniel Queteschiner
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