Problem starting game!

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Problem starting game!

Postby Aidan1993 » 14. January 2010, 19:23

Hello, I recently decided to install BS:2.5 again with the new patch to see if it would make any difference, safe to say it didn't though.

The problem I am facing is that whenever i click to open the game after installation, the game loads from 0% to 100%, then when it comes up on the "home screen" were you choose your options to play or load etc etc... it cuts off, the screen goes black for 2 seconds, then it cuts to my desktop as if it was never open!

Additional information: There is no error prompts or alerts, the game just simply stops.

I much appreciate your time and help and apologies for the fact i cannot speak German, I know it would have been a lot more help for you guys. Thank you again.

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Re: Problem starting game!

Postby Tooms » 2. February 2010, 08:06

Hi Aidan, thank you for reporting your technical issue. Please post the log file from your Broken Sword 2.5 folder into this thread. Otherwise we're not able to assist you with a solution.
Sebastian Nisi
Sebastian Nisi
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Re: Problem starting game!

Postby lastninja » 20. March 2010, 05:43

So I assume reinstall fixed this?
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