Failing to load

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Failing to load

Postby freeformaniak » 2. October 2010, 15:04

hi guys im having a bit of a problem loading the game. it installs and whatever ok but when i open the game it gets as far as the title screen and crashes. the title screen also doesnt appear as bright as it should its like theres a light shadow over the whole screen (hope that shadow description makes sense) if anyone has any clue how to fix this i would love to know as i love broken sword and cant wait to play it especially with the english voice packs less than a month away.

Do you need to burn or mount the .BIN file before you play or is it just what the installer reads the game data from?

anyway thanks to all the team who made this game

you guys RULE [smilie=thumbup.gif]

Update 4/10/2010
thanks for the reply tooms i got it running on my laptop and what a game it is bring on the english voice pack
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Re: Failing to load

Postby Tooms » 2. October 2010, 17:56

First of all, there is no need to burn or mount the BIN file. Maybe it's a good idea to wait for the English voice pack and then try to download and install the whole game again. We included some bugfixes and it's possible this solves your problem. Meanwhile you can try to update your graphic card drivers.
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