Please help me (technical issues)

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Please help me (technical issues)

Postby vlad06 » 17. November 2010, 18:50


Firstly I'd like to say thank you, well done and congratulations to the BS 2.55 team for their effort and dedication on this whole project! All us Broken Sword fans absolutely love this! Fantastic work guys!

This is my first time installing it, I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate and the game install and works nicely.

I'm having problems with the voices pack, I downloaded the multi lingual zip and what am I supposed to do with the files? If they have to be extracted to the BS 2.5 directory then that is my problem as it does not allow access to it! It won't let me extract them at all, it says access denied. I then extracted the files to another folder and tried copying and pasting from there to the BS directory but it would not work, it just said 'Moving files' and stayed at 0% for a long time.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Please help me (technical issues)

Postby Tooms » 6. December 2010, 15:56

It seems you don't have enough access rights on your machine. Are you logged in as an administrator?
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