Keeping the Savegame files

In Baphomets Fluch 2.5 nicht weiterzukommen ist nicht schön. Fragen zum Spielverlauf können hier gestellt werden.
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Keeping the Savegame files

Postby spigian » 4. October 2008, 14:55

Hi guys!!!First of all I would like to tell you how great the game was and how great it felt playing it, it was like playing Broken Sword 1 12 years ago. The thing is that I would like to keep my saved games but I can not find the savegame files! Could you please tell me where they are located as I would like to keep them??? Thanks in advance for everything and I am looking forward for the full english version.
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Re: Keeping the Savegame files

Postby MassaSnygga » 4. October 2008, 16:28

%APPDATA%\Broken Sword 2.5\saves
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