Vikings, and the Knights Templar

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Vikings, and the Knights Templar

Postby gogen » 5. June 2018, 06:33


Sometimes, my theories seem chaotic with absolutely nothing to do with each other, but within my mind is a network of carefully spun string linking what most people cannot fathom as one in the same. In this case, it would be from watching "America Unearthed" and "Curse of Oak Island."

First, let me say that I don't take everything I see on TV or read on the internet as hardcore evidence and proof positive of anything. When I watch shows like these and Ancient Aliens and even YouTube documentaries, I have my tablet open to the search window and look up names, dates, accounts, theories, locations, events, cultures .. everything that is being discussed as it's being discussed. I listen and read and click links that lead to other links and compare everything I find. I, also, have genealogical and historical research from my father that I reference. It's how my brain works. I absorb it all at once if necessary and let it sort itself out during the course of a few days or weeks - years if that's how long it takes to find the rest of the puzzle pieces.
During that time, the inaccurate information gets replaced by the correct, and random filler piled on just for ratings gets tossed. All garbage is pushed aside so all that is left is what we consider fact (for the time being) and logical theory. That's when I'm ready to put it together for myself and come up with my own ideas. If it doesn't feel right, I start over. If my heart starts racing and my mind gets really excited about what I think is relevant, I continue down that path until the pieces start having trouble again.
So even if a show doesn't seem worthwhile to "mainstream scientists/scholars," I don't ignore any possibility because we never know when one sentence of an hour long show full of falsehoods could be the key to the next answer.

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