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A little of everything

Postby DarknessX » 23. November 2004, 11:53

Hi, everyone...
I'm am a hugh Broken Sword fan. I think part 1 and 2 are by far the best parts in the trilogy. And that's mainly cause it was 2D and the whole styl behind it. And perhaps also the Point and Click part of it.
Although Broken Sword 3 - The Sleeping Dragon looked very nice it just didn't have the same feel about it. When I found out that the third part was in 3D I have to admit that I was kinda depressed.

When I saw the demo, I was amazed. I looks almost exactly like the real thing. My complements!!! :lol:
But there's only one thing that I really hope you don't put in the real thing, and that is that highly irritating background music.

If I had any programming or graphical skills I would help you guys. No doubt about that.
I really hope you finish it as soon as possible. I just can't wait. :wink:
Keep up the good work...


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