Classic Adventures

Andere Themen als Baphomets Fluch 2.5.
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Classic Adventures

Postby sysryn » 23. March 2007, 11:39

Hello adventure fans!

It's my pleasure to invite you to As a huge adventure fan I was always hanging around some newsgroups and forums trying to find some answers to different puzzles or just trying to help other people with their gaming problems...

This forum is my idea of bringing more life into adventure gaming, which as we know, is not as it used to be... I'm not saying modern adventure games are not good, but some of them seem to be made just to be sold, and not to give gamers a fantastic story or a goofy main character...

Anyway... i hope... in time, this community will grow, so don't be afraid to login even if there are only a few users registered...

And remember that every beginning is hard, but you are here to make it easier! We'll take baby steps [smilie=angle.gif]

Best wishes, Sysryn
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