Stuck in demo[Spoiler]

In Baphomets Fluch 2.5 nicht weiterzukommen ist nicht schön. Fragen zum Spielverlauf können hier gestellt werden.
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Stuck in demo[Spoiler]

Postby Dukhan » 29. October 2006, 06:54

I've done everything up until you give the arm wrestler the laxative, the bartender ran off I got the soap and everything now I can go upstairs the door doesnt open with the key cant get the paint and the floors painted, what do i do next?? I've been stuck here for days just give me a hint with what im missing.
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Postby f2bnp » 5. November 2006, 09:32

You must cut the soap into pieces.Then go to the pharmachy and talk to the man.Then read the newspaper.Talk again to the man.Do the rest alone,i think a gave you enough.
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Postby shizny » 8. April 2007, 15:43

i have a same question about moving on because im stock.

I have done these:

1. Talked to barman (about everything)
2. Went upstairs, tried the key, went downstairs and talked to those two guys.
3. Took soap and needle from bar table, cut soap into pieces.
4. Went to pharmacy, talked to pharmacist, then i read newspaper and talked to pharmacist again and he gave me those pills.
5. Went back to the bar, poured some pills to drinkers glass.

6. ... AND NOW im stuck.
Donno what to do next. Anyone got any ideas?


OK i figured it out how to move on.

So short demo, but good one!
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