Bug: Portugal Souvenir Shop

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Bug: Portugal Souvenir Shop

Postby drchuck » 2. October 2008, 01:52

Hello from the USA. [smilie=icon_cheesygrin.gif] I'm using Windows XP with English subtitles turned on.

When I'm in Portugal, and I right-click on the chocolate bar (after I have given the vendor the magazine), I get this in the English subtitle:

No translation found for key "$$POR9186" in "English".

The game does not crash, it allows me to continue.
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Re: Bug: Portugal Souvenir Shop

Postby Praetorian » 31. October 2008, 11:50

I noticed this too. Here is a screenshot:
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Re: Bug: Portugal Souvenir Shop

Postby WeanaFlo » 1. November 2008, 11:49

schokolade wont be translated ;-)
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